About us

Our Story

Growing up on the Gulf coast of Florida, I always knew we had a Secret treasure here. After serving in the U.S. Navy for 20 Years I decided to bring my family back to where I grew up and introduce them to the best beaches and fishing in the world. 

After moving back to St Pete, we got heavily involved in fishing and after acquiring all the commercial permits to sell fish, we started selling fish to wholesalers.  Then my “real” job as a Food and Safety Inspector for the Florida Dept. of Agriculture, led me to an opportunity in the fresh seafood business, and the rest is history.

We are a unique fresh seafood business, We own the commercial boat, State and federal Wholesale and retail licenses.  We are 1 of 700 federal Commercial Reef boats in the Gulf of Mexico.  This allows us to bring fresh fish right off our boat and into our seafood store.  This gives us an advantage over almost all other fresh seafood markets, Most of our fish was swimming less than 24 hours ago!

If your looking for really fresh local caught Grouper, Snapper, this is the place to come, or we can ship it to you overnight.


It really is a family affair with us, my son Logan operates our St. Pete Beach Store, and his twin sister manages our Madeira Beach store. My youngest son Bryce is responsible for our commercial fishing boat, probably one of the youngest captains in the fleet at only 18.  Nothing makes me happier than working each and everyday with my children, whether it is on the boat or in our retail stores I get to see them learn and grow everyday.